martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

Emma Clarisa

Sometime ago I met a lady. She was a very nice lady but she was lost, so lost. She didn't know where she was going, she didn't know where she came from. She had been traveling around the world for a long time. She was born with a magic gift, she could create with her bare hands the prettiest dolls you could imagine. The dolls would look like angels, like little innocent girls that you would not dare to touch. And she had been traveling for such a long time creating those little wonders that she could not longer remember where she came from. But now she was tired, so tired.

She told me that deep inside her she missed the sun. And the coffee. But it was not the dark, boiling and strong coffee that people drink here in Norway, it was cold and sweet, called frappe. And the food. She could remember something called "giro". That was the one thing she wanted to eat.

So I searched. Where this lady could come from? Sun... frappe coffee, giro... until I found it. It was Greece. I told her the situation in Greece was not so good and asked her if she really wanted to leave. I told her I could offer a warm chimney, woolen clothes, any norwegian food she wanted. I just want to go home, she said, I am tired now and soon is gonna be my birthday. I want to celebrate it with my family.

So I helped her and she left. But before saying goodbye, she gave me a berry. It was not like a blueberry or any of the berries I had ever seen on my garden. It was a deep blue purplish color. She told me to plant it on my garden. And then she left.

I was not sure of doing it, as I had never seen such a berry, it was so different from the others.

But in the end I did. Days passed by and nothing happened. I thought it probably was a berry she had with her, a seed that was not gonna survive the hard norwegian climate, as here is most rocks and little survives the long winter months.

And it rained for many many days until today. Today it was sunny for the first time in weeks, so I decided to go out and work a little in the garden. To my surprise, in the same spot where I planted the berry that the greek lady gave me, I found this little girl sleeping. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. I didn't understand what had happened. She didn't look either like the angel looking dolls she used to create.

She was one of the prettiest little thing I had ever seen. Her hair was so long and she smell so good. If I never believed in magic, I was now a believer. The lady had given me a priceless gift.

I decided to call her Emma Clarisa.

I managed to take some pictures of her just waking up.

She is sitting here by my side now, so pretty, smelling so good, her hair one of the softest thing I have ever touched, and I think about the lady. I hope she has found her home, I hope she is eating giro and drinking frappe and enjoying the sun with her beloved ones. And I hope that she had a very happy birthday with her family. I really have no words to express how happy she made me with this present, and for that, for giving me my little Emma Clarisa, she will always have a special place on my heart.

Thank you so much Gerakina for letting me have this little one.

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Hada de Luz dijo...

Hermosa Emma Clarisa y la historia me encantó!!! simplemente Perfectas!!